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Kundli for Windows 5.0 LE
Kundli for Windows 5.0 Lite
Kundli for Windows 5.0 Professional
Learn Astrology in 30 Days
Astro Solutions
Product Features:


 Identify your problems and know their solutions with a click of the mouse
This software offers an excellent store house of astrological perspective for coping with day-to-day problems.

In today’s fast moving and rapidly changing society, the contents of this presentation will also offer you numerous ideas for guiding your actions.


Lagna Chart

Divisional Charts

Sudarshan Chakra

Vimshottari Dasha

and other Astrological Charts and calculations


Remedies for your day to day problems.

A software for all, either you are a student, housewife, businessman or a researcher.

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