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Kundli for Windows 5.0 LE
Kundli for Windows 5.0 Lite
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Kundli for Windows 5.0 Lite
Product Features:


This ever popular astrological software now offers more features than ever before.  One of the best astrology softwares use worlowide is Kundi for windows 5 with its simple design and accurate calculations.


> Available in both Hindi and English Language

>Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 Compatible

The astrological software comes to you with samples of attractively printed stationery and files that can be supplied separately to suit your needs.

 If you are already using previous versions of Kundli for windows 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, its time to get updated to version 5.0

Check out the new additions/updations:
- Better reports and Calculations

- Correction in Prediction data, based on user comments, we have updated the prediction data. Now you get more accuracy in predictions.

- Windows 7 compatibility (both 32 & 64 bits)

- Bugs and errors in calculations of old versions fixed/corrected in version 5.0

- More reports to explore

Salient features: 

    • General Predictions for various aspects of Life, e.g., Business, Health, Marriage, Education, etc.

    • Special Varshphal for unlimited period

    • Latitude/Longitude/Time Zone. Database for over 20,000 places around the world

    • Storage of Horoscopes for future reference

    • Matchmaking Gunadosh Vichar

    • Different Aynamsa - N.C. Lahiri, K.P., B.V. Raman, etc.

    • South Indian and North Indian charts

    • Facility to convert from Ghati, Pal, Vipul, Mass, Samvat to Hrs., Mins, Secs, Month and Year

    • Options for True/Mean Rahu

    • Shodashvarga and Ashtakvarga

    • Vimshotri, Yogini/Gemini Dasas

    • Western Aspects: Analysis and Predictions based on these combinations

    • Sayana Planetary positions

    • Saadesati Vichar

    • Manglik Vichar

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