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Transits a brief overiew
23-10-2009 7:45:39 PM


Transits and Complexes

The continuing procession of the planets around the zodiac means that we are in a more or
less constant state of activation of the complexes which make up the personality. As
planets in transit aspect natal planets and pass through houses they indicate much about
how life will be experienced on many levels.

The transition of the faster moving personal planets indicate transitory or ephemeral
conditions related to the qualities of those planets. Changing moods and feelings of a
personal nature, ones desires and modes of activity in every day situations and the nature
of ones personal interactions are thus indicated.

The transition of the structural planets, Jupiter and Saturn, indicate the nature do our
involvements in social and cultural life, opportunities, challenges, limitations and
consolidations. These are planets which indicate the stages within and individual life and
thus delineate the life cycles through which we pass during a life time. Their cyclic
returns and transits may indicate important times of re-orientation and re-evaluation in
life and relate to important rites of passage. It may be more relevant to include Chiron
in this group rather than as an outer planet as its period of around fifty years fits
readily within the lifespan of an individual.

The outer planets move much more slowly that the others and so their effects are more
prolonged if in other ways more subtle. They may indicate times of major upheaval and
opportunity for change and transformation at quite deep levels of the personality. These
are not mere ephemeral moods, nor are they simply to do with ones relation to outer life
realities of socio-cultural conditions. They are likely to indicate times of potential for
deep structural change in the psyche of the individual, the evolution of consciousness and
the arising of karmic material and life lessons. It is during such transits that the
opportunity for spiritual evolution is present to the individual.
what you think about transits
23-10-2009 7:46:13 PM

member: kshitiz

anyone ? what other believe about transits ?

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