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Forums > Astrology >When is astrology useful and valid?
When is astrology useful and valid?
23-10-2009 7:51:01 PM


When is astrology useful and valid?
Astrology mirrors life. We delineate the life of the individual, subject, issue or event. Whatever is "born" at any moment is really a part of an overall unfoldment called life. Therefore there really are no special times for insight or understanding-which is astrologys best use and benefit.
Re: When is astrology useful and valid?
23-10-2009 7:51:13 PM

member: kshitiz

Astrology cannot replace critical thinking, strategic planning, required efforts, or the development of necessary skills to succeed in this world. It will not "give" anyone magic powers, special abilities, "luck" or any other quality that is the product of effort, application of the self or just plain required learning. But it will enhance understanding in what we may need or prefer to create in our lives that brings meaning and purpose to our existence. From that view, it is priceless. When I leave this world all that I may possibly take with me is whats on my mind and in my heart. Astrology can allow us to develop these attributes in a qualitative way-which may very well be the primary purpose for living to begin with.

Re: When is astrology useful and valid?
22-3-2011 4:04:56 PM

member: shaunmills

Hi  everyone,

I live in USA.

Initially I was not into astrology but recently some things happened that made me develop a lot of interest in it as it affected my life to a certain extend. Astrology is useful in our life when we are going thriough  tough phase in our life.. It helps us to get out of that troubled situation and put us on the right track.  It also help us to foresee further problems and  sheilds us from negative powers..

Shaun Mills




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Re: When is astrology useful and valid?
6-8-2012 5:32:37 AM

member: facebookastro.com@gmail.com

Astrology is very  usefull nowadays. like  love horoscope is usefull about how to impress someone and to find for the perfect match.simillarly Daily horoscope can help you in plan your day ahead in much better way. It will guide you for what to do and what not to do in a day.


Re: When is astrology useful and valid?
13-8-2013 5:24:07 PM

member: Grobina


It’s really great posts.

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