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Forums > Astrology >Error regarding Time correction of your Kundali Chakra software
Error regarding Time correction of your Kundali Chakra software
6-10-2013 10:33:15 AM

member: astroraj

I found almost same time correction error with all software I have used till date leading to almost six month error in dasha periods as compared to my manual calculations using Venkateshwar Shatabdi Panchang,which I am using since 1996 for my purpose.Let me be specific about the problem that while converting birth time to Ista Ghatti a number of people do apply time shift to both birth time as well as sunrise for any particular place leading to error in Ista Ghatti which ultimately results in wrong prediction of dasha periods. Hope your software developer will consider my point to make your software perfect & this only be help me to adopt your software for my purpose in place of my manual methods.Hoping for early reply. Regards-Er.Rajesh Kumar Sinha

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