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Forums > Lal Kitab >What is best Lal kitab software?
What is best Lal kitab software?
7-7-2012 11:26:21 PM

member: bhumika123

i can now found lot of people are making lal kitab softwares and all i think are just junk of books converted into softwares.
Can any member recommend a good lal kitab software which acually has good results?
i found Red Astro and Lal kitab explorer, but not satisfied with results.
Re: What is best Lal kitab software?
7-7-2012 11:28:52 PM

member: bhumika123

 I have previously used Varsphal software of Pt Umesh it is good and easy to use.

Another I found is a "Lal Kitab" software but it not has printing option. So without printing its not for use.

Can any member tell which is best or good software for Lal kitab ?

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