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Contact Management SOftware for all
23-10-2009 8:09:43 PM


Contact management software for whether you are astrologer, researcher, student, businessman, or anyone? all need to keep records, phone numbers, business records, memos, all under one thing
Re: Contact Management SOftware for all
23-10-2009 8:10:19 PM

member: kshitiz

Your Secretary

Manage your contacts with your secretary

Welcome to the fastest growing software "Your Secretary - Contact Management System" to manage your business. The most desired system to manage contacts, customer/ visitors data and to print address labels, phone book on occasions of Diwali, Christmas and for social events.

There are more than 15 types of reports you can print using this software.

Professional Graphics Interface for Home or Business
Easily store detailed information create & exports e-mail lists
Print Telephone Book, Address Book, Labels, Envelopes,
Email/Website Address Report, Birthday/Anniversary Report,
Reminders, Enquiry Report, One Button Emailing

·    Telephone Book
·    Address Book
·    Labels
·    Envelopes
·    Contact Informatin Report
·    Website Address Report
·    Email Address Report
·    Reference Name Wise Data Entry Report
·    Anniversary Report (Monthly basis)
·    Birthday Report (Monthly basis)
·    Reference Name Wise Record Count Report
·    Category Wise Record Count Report
·    Date Wise Reminders
·    Contact Name Wise Reminders
·    Enquiry Report
·    Last Contact Date Wise Report
·    One Button Emailing

Re: Contact Management SOftware for all
23-10-2009 8:12:17 PM

member: kshitiz

it is available at www.horizonaarc.com at special discounted rates

Heavy discount in bulk orders also there, you can use it for your own use or can sell it out also to your contacts and get profits

Your Secretary is available here


Re: Contact Management SOftware for all
7-3-2011 5:54:40 PM

member: AllenMark

Business contact manager gives very ease in refrecing contact and other business aspects. It keep contace history and help in projects and billings.


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