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Posted On :  October 30, 2018 19:07   by Hari Singh Rajput
Please put back some basic features in Windows 8

I just got a new desktop Dell computer with Windows 8, designed for Window 8. It is horrible.  If I could get the computer with Vista or 7 I would.  I have some major usability issues with 8, I can't deploy at my company in this state.  I hope somebody at Microsoft reads this and takes its loyal customers for the last 30 years seriously.

1. There is no legit purpose for the metro start page, tried to use, it has no real use on a desktop, I can't imagine any business deploying this in the workplace.  Please add an option to uninstall it 

2. Need a start menu, its plain and simple and it works.  Kind of like a car that has 4 wheels, 2 or 4 doors and an engine, hasn't changed in a 100 years because it works.

3. There is no easy way to sleep using a mouse.  It takes way to many clicks and go through the chaos of the charm bar, settings, power etc.  By the way alt+f4 only works sometime, I have no idea

4. All the folders open up in the same place and the same size, there is no way to save the folder size and layout anymore, like XP and Vista have. This feature is a must for a desktop user at work who is actually using the computer as a productivity tool to earn a living!!!

5. The thumbnail cache deletes all the time and is rebuilding every day.  If you have thousand of pictures or videos this is a disaster.  Please have a way to not automatically delete the thumbnail cache or create a service or daemon that rebuilds in the background

Re : December 18, 2018 12:38   by Hari Singh Rajput
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