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Created On : Feb 05, 2023 by RAJU
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Send me activation key, my registration code is MAMLN-IFCUJ-XFWBC-GFXFP

printer error likha aa raha he
Created On : Jan 31, 2023 by HIMANSHU DAVE
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kundli khol ne per print error likha aa raha he
Software Installation
Created On : Nov 02, 2022 by Dharmendra Rastogi
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Kindly install software in my system . other wise i will take a action against to you Mr. Ravi . i am as a lawyer.

Married life and career
Created On : Oct 07, 2022 by Ankit Koirala
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Date of birth 1991 April 1 

time of birth 12:45 am

Place of Birth Biratnagar Nepal

I got married and got divorce last year so i would want to know which is right time to marry and i also wanted to know what type of work should i perform and bring better side in my carrer level

samay sutram 2 not runing my system
Created On : Aug 18, 2022 by s v satyanarayana
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again asking registration



please rectify my problem

When I try to enter in date the month is blank
Created On : Aug 14, 2022 by Ravi Sharma
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When I try to enter in date the month is blank hence I cant enter in date

Error quoting Printer not supporting occures and the kundli details do not open.
Created On : Jul 30, 2022 by Sunil Kumar Sharma
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Whenever i enter a New Birth data and save it, an Error quoting "Printer not supporting" occures and the kundli details do not open, however it saves the Birth data. Once after closing and again opening it works ,

Windows-10 Installation
Created On : Jul 30, 2022 by Manish Kumar
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Dear Team,

It seems I am not able to install it on my Windows-10.

Could you please help me...


Manish Kumar

3 days yet not recieved activation key
Created On : Jun 15, 2022 by Vani Sahi
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it's been 3 days and after contacting 3 times and 1 email... yet the activation key was not sent... it's been more than 3 days yet it seems the support is in slumber.

not deliver
Created On : May 09, 2022 by chaman
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please provide software to me